Salami Skewers

My Favourite Hungarian Salad-On-A-Stick!



  • Blue Danube Gyulai Sausage Substitute: Blue Danube Csabai Sausage, Blue Danube Csabai Garlic Sausage - 1-2 pc

  • Blue Danube Pick Salami - 1 package

  • Blue Danube Csabai Salami Substitute: Blue Danube Gyulai Salami - 1 package

  • Blue Danube Double Smoked Cheddar Cheese - Cut into Cubes - 1-2 cubes per skewer

  • Grape Tomatoes - 1 per skewer

  • Small Bocconcini Cheese - 1-2 per skewer

  • Lettuce - Washed & Dried

  • Wooden Skewers



1. Decide how many skewers you want to make & select your ingredients accordingly (typically 1-2 of each ingredient per skewer)

2. Cut the Blue Danube Gyulai Sausage diagonally into slices.

3. Cut each leaf of lettuce into half (or quarters, if leafs are very large)

4. Start with a piece of cheese (bocconcini or Blue Danube Double Smoked Cheddar) and pierce it through the sharp end of the skewer. Push it to the opposite end of the skewer.

5. Next, add a piece of Gyulai Sausage.

6. Grab a piece of lettuce that you have cut up. Fold the lettuce until it is approximately the same surface area as the Gyulai Salami (or a bit bigger). Add the folded-up lettuce onto the skewer, piercing through all layers.

7. Add Pick Salami. Fold slice of salami loosely in half, then fold again in half loosely. Add onto skewer, piercing through all layers.


8. Add a grape tomato to skewer.


9. Add Csabai Salami to skewer. Fold Csabai Salami slice in half loosely, then loosely fold in half again. Add to skewer, piercing through all layers.

10. Add another piece of lettuce, folded up.

11. Add another slice of Gyulai Sausage.

12. Add a piece of cheese (bocconcini or Blue Danube Double Smoked Cheddar).
Pro Tip: I like to mix up the cheese variations on the skewers. In my recipe, some skewers had 1 of each type of cheese, while some had the same kind on both ends.


Plate and Enjoy!