The Deluxe Charcuterie Board

Not only does our Deluxe Charcuterie Board look fantastic, but it also tastes great! Sure to impress all of your guests, the Deluxe Charcuterie Board offers a great assortment of wonderful flavours and textures with something for everyone to enjoy!



  • Blue Danube Mild Wild Boar Csabettes - 2 pieces
    Substitution: Blue Danube Pork Csabettes (Mild, Hot, Garlic, Jalapeño or Peppercorn), Blue Danube Chicken Csabettes (Mild, Hot), Blue Danube Beef Csabettes (Mild, Hot), Blue Danube Mild Turkey Csabettes, Blue Danube Wild Boar Csabettes (Hot), Blue Danube Elk Csabettes (Mild, Hot), Blue Danube Kangaroo Csabettes (Mild, Hot), Blue Danube Venison Csabettes (Mild, Hot), Blue Danube Water Buffalo Csabettes (Mild, Hot)

  • Blue Danube Mild Csabai Salami - 1 package pre-sliced
    Substitution: Blue Danube Hot Gyulai Salami, Blue Danube Csemege Salami

  • Blue Danube Dry Cured Pork Back Bacon - 1 package pre-sliced

  • Blue Danube Flat Pork Shinken - 2 packages pre-sliced

  • Blue Danube Homemade Pick Salami - 1 package pre-sliced

  • Blue Danube Hot Gyulai Sausage - 1 piece
    Substitution: Blue Danube Mild Csabai Sausage, Blue Danube Double Garlic Csabai Sausage

  • Blue Danube Double Smoked Cheddar Cheese - One piece approx. 200 grams

  • Optional: Blue Danube Homemade Körözött cream cheese - approx. 1/2 small container

  • Havarti/ Flavoured Havarti Cheese - One piece approx. 200 gr

  • Brie Cheese - Approx. half of one wheel

  • Goat Cheese/Flavoured Goat Cheese - 1 small package

  • Almonds - Approx. 1 small bowl full

  • Walnuts - Approx. 1 small bowl full

  • Olives - Approx. 1 small bowl full

  • Pickles - 2-3

  • Green Grapes - 1 bunch

  • Asparagus - Approx. 16 pc

  • Grape Tomatoes - Approx. 1 handful

  • Orange Bell Pepper - 1/2 a large pepper

  • S & F Pepperoncini - 4-8pcs

  • That Mustard Sauce - 1 small bowl full

  • Dried Apricots - 1 handful

  • Celery - 1-2 stalks

  • Baguette - 1 long piece

  • Crackers - 1/2 box



1. Select a board that is large enough to serve your guests and hold all of the ingredients.
Also, select at least 5 small bowls or containers that you will also be putting onto your board, as well as 1 small cheese knife and 1 small spoon.
If you do not have a board big enough, the small 5 bowls can go on a separate tray or board.
I typically like to put my bread and crackers onto a separate serving tray as well so that I can fully maximize the space on my board. However, this is totally up to you!

Meat Products:

2. Open up package of Blue Danube Dry Cured Neck and layer it flat onto board.
Pro Tip: I ALWAYS add all of the meat ingredients onto my Charcuterie Boards first!! On the boards that I make for family, friends, and clients, the focus is on the meat products, so I always ensure that all of the meat I want to add can fit onto the board. I recommend that you add the items that are most important to you first!
Pro Tip: I like to add the Dry Cured Neck first because it takes up a larger piece of space and, in my opinion, is the prettiest looking. I like to lay the Dry Cured Neck out flat and layer slices on top of it. I typically put this item on the corner of my board.

3. Open up package of Blue Danube Dry Cured Back Bacon. Lay flat and layer onto board. I usually like to put the Dry Cured Back Bacon in two separate areas on the board (see finished picture for further details).

4. Open up 1 package of Blue Danube Shinken Spec Flat (the other package will be used for the Shinken-Wrapped Asparagus). Fold Shinken in half and layer onto board.

5. Open up package of Blue Danube Pick Salami. Fold salamis in half and either layer or fan them out onto the board. I like to do several layers of Pick Salami on my board as it is one of my favourite ingredients! (See finished picture for further details)

6. Open up package of Blue Danube Csabai Salami. Fold salamis in half and either layer or fan them out onto the board.

7. Cut up Blue Danube Gyulai Sausage into rings. Place onto board in one large bunch.

8. Open up package of Blue Danube Mild Wild Boar Csabettes and cut up at least 2 pieces into little bits.
Pro Tip: I like to put the Csabettes bits into a small bowl on top of the board in order to keep them organized. If you have different sizes of bowls, then use a larger one for this.
Add bowl of Csabettes onto the board.

9. Add Shinken-Wrapped Asparagus onto the board. I have included the instructions on to make these at the end of this recipe!
Pro Tip: I like to put the Asparagus on the corner of my board and stack it as high as I can.


10. Now it’s time to add the rest of the bowls!
Fill one small bowl with olives. If you have different sizes of bowls, use a larger one for this.
Place bowl onto board.

11. Fill one small bowl with That Mustard Sauce and place onto board.

12. Fill one small bowl with Almonds and place onto board.

13. Fill one small bowl with Walnuts and place onto board.


14. Now it’s time to add the cheese!
Cut up Blue Danube Double Smoked Cheddar Cheese into small cubes. Place on board.
Pro Tip: I personally like to group the cheeses on my board based on the type. But, feel free to mix it up if you would like!

15. Cut up Havarti Cheese into small cubes. Place on the board.

16. Open up one small package of Goat Cheese and place onto board.
Pro Tip: When using flavoured Goat Cheese, I like to cut one small slice off the end of the Cheese so that people can see inside of it.
Pro Tip: If you are short for space, you can cut the Cheese in half and place in two spots on the board.

17. Cut up at least 3 wedges of Brie Cheese. Place onto board.

18. If you wish to use Blue Danube Körözött Cream Cheese, fill a small bowl with Körözött and place onto board.


19. Now it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients as fillers on the board. The idea for the rest of the ingredients is to fill up space so that you can no longer see the surface area of the board.
Take at least 4 S&F Pepperoncinis and place them onto the board.
Pro Tip: Pepperoncinis are very juicy! I like to make sure that I am placing them directly on the board so that they are not overlapping on any meat. You don’t want juices from other items to start flowing onto the meat.
Pro Tip: I usually put the Pepperoncinis straight onto the board without any modifications. However, if the stems are unusually long, I like to trim them down.

20. Put a large handfull of Green Grapes onto the board. Depending on how much space you have, you can put one or two larger groupings of Grapes and then sprinkle a few grapes throughout the entire board.
Pro Tip: I prefer to take the stems off grapes when I put them onto the board to make it easier to assemble and easier for guests to pick at.
Pro tip: I used Green Grapes for this recipe to add some more colour, but this is totally up to you!

21. Cut up Pickles lengthwise and place onto board.
Pro Tip: Again, I try to make sure that the pickle juice won’t be directly spilling onto my meats.

22. Cut up Orange Bell Pepper into long pieces and place several slices onto the board. You can use any colour of pepper, but I felt that Orange was the best for this recipe.

23. Cut up 1-2 Stalks of Celery and place onto board.

24. Put one handful of Dried Apricots onto your board. Again, you can use any type of Dried Fruit that can bring a sweetness to the board. I chose Dried Apricots because of their beautiful orange colour. I spread them throughout the entire board in small groupings.

25. Serving utensils - Don’t forget to add utensils to help your guests serve themselves more easily! I suggest using at least one small spoon for the That Mustard Sauce and at least 1 small cheese knife for the Brie and Goat Cheese. Add one more cheese knife or small spoon if you are adding Körözött Cream Cheese.

26. Cut up Baguette into thin slices. Lay slices onto a separate serving dish (if it does not fit onto your board).

27. Put crackers out onto the same serving dish as the Baguettes, if they do not fit onto your board.

Your Charcuterie Board is now Ready to Serve and Eat!

Your charcuterie board can be made the day before your event or the day of! If making your board the night before, cover with cling wrap and store in fridge. You can also place your entire tray into a large clear box liner bag if you have one available.

If there are extra sliced meat or sausages leftover that were not used (or eaten!), cover and store in the fridge for future use or to replenish the board as it gets eaten.


How To Make Shinken-Wrapped Asparagus:


  • Asparagus - Approx. 16 pc

  • Blue Danube Dry Cured Shinken Flat - 1 Package

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Optional: Oil



1. Pre-heat Oven to 400 F.

2. Wash Asparagus and pat dry.

3. Trim off the bottom two inches of each Asparagus. (The woody stem bits)

4. Open package of Blue Danube Dry Cured Shinken Spec Flat and cut strips down the middle lengthwise.
Pro Tip: I always like to cut my meat in half when wrapping it around items. This always helps it to cook faster and allows the item it is covering to breathe.

5. Wrap Shinken Spec around Asparagus. For my recipe, I wrapped 1 half piece onto each Asparagus. You can feel free to add a second piece if you would like!

6. Place wrapped Asparagus onto a baking tray with tin foil.

7. Optional: Drizzle with oil. I did not do this in my recipe because I like the taste without any oil.

8. Add salt and Pepper.

9. Bake for approx. 25 minutes, or until the Shinken Spec is crispy and is the colour you wish to achieve.

10. Remove from oven and let sit for 2-3 minutes. Place Asparagus onto your Charcuterie Board!

Eat and Enjoy!

Items I Love:

Two items that I absolutely love and that I used in this recipe are the S&F Pepperoncini and That Mustard Sauce by SOSS International.

I highly recommend these items because of their bold flavour and beautiful appearance and both of them are available in our retail store for purchase!


Thank you and Happy Eating!