Hungarian Pinwheels

Hungarian Pinwheels are a perfect appetizer for any get-together, especially during the Holidays. Easy to make and using all natural ingredients, this recipe will definitely be a crowd pleaser at
your next event!

HUNG PIN - 11.jpg


  • Blue Danube Mild Csabai Salami
    Substitution: Blue Danube Hot Gyulai Salami, Blue Danube Pick Salami, Blue Danube Csemege Salami (1 package)

  • Blue Danube Heritage Garlic Salami
    Substitution: Blue Danube Heritage Hot Paprika Salami, Blue Danube Heritage Pepperseed Salami (1 package)

  • Blue Danube Homemade Körözött Cheese Spread (1 small container)

  • Blue Danube Lappi Cheese (8 slice)

  • Lavash Bread (1) or Pita Bread (2)

  • Spinach (enough to cover surface area of bread)

HUNG PIN - 13.jpg


1. Lay pita out on a serving tray and spread evenly with Blue Danube Homemade Körözött Cheese Spread. Keep Körözött away from all edges except one. The edge with Körözött spread onto it will be your “glue” for holding the wrap together.

Pro Tip: If using a large lavash bread, cut bread into a square shape to make it easier to make the roll.

HUNG PIN - 3.jpg

2. Lay out Lappi cheese slices to cover the Körözött spread. I used 7 slices on my lavash bread.


3. Lay out Mild Csabai Salami slices on top of cheese. I used one package of 150 gram pre-sliced Csabai salami.


4. Layer Blue Heritage Garlic Salami on top of the Mild Csabai Salami. I used one package of 150 gram pre-sliced Blue Heritage Garlic Salami.


5. Put a thick layer of spinach over the Blue Heritage Garlic Salami until fully covered.


6. Tightly roll up the pita.

Pro Tip: Have the long edge of the pita where you did not spread Körözött closest to you and start rolling. The opposite end with the Körözött spread right up to the edge will act as a “glue” to hold the roll together once finished.


7. Once fully rolled, store the roll inside your fridge for one hour.


8. After one hour, cut up the roll into one inch slices.

Pro tip: Using a very sharp knife will make this much easier!

Plate, serve, and enjoy!

I served my Hungarian Pinwheels with a half charcuterie board using:
Blue Danube Dry Cured Pork Neck
Blue Danube Dry Cured Pork Back Bacon
Blue Danube Shinken Spec Flat
Blue Danube Smoked Homemade Ham
Blue Danube Hot Gyulai Sausage
Blue Danube Hot Wild Boar Csabettes
Snow Peas
Green Onions